Embracing Diversity, Encouraging Participation

At Avenue Bowls Club, we believe in fostering a diverse and inclusive community where everyone can find their place on the green. We offer a range of membership types to cater to various preferences and levels of commitment. No matter your age, experience, or schedule, there’s a membership option for you.

Read below to find out what is included with each membership option.

Full Member

  • For individuals aged 18 and above.
  • Affiliation Fees to Warwickshire County Bowls Association and Bowls England apply.
  • Reduced subscription for full-time students.
  • New members enjoy a 50% reduction in the first-year fee.
  • Committee discretion for waiving first-year fees in organized recruitment drives.

Junior Members:

  • For individuals under 18.
  • Fees capped at 50% of Full Members fee.
  • Years as a Junior Member count towards the required membership years.

Life Members:

  • Recognition for exceptional and long-standing service.
  • All rights of Full Members without the obligation of an annual subscription.

Casual Bowls Members:

  • Participation in Galas, Roll-ups, Coaching Sessions, and certain Club Competitions.
  • Exclusion from specific competitions.
  • Comfortable casual clothing and flat-soled Bowls Shoes allowed.
  • Fees fixed annually by the Committee.

Social Members:

  • Limited play on the Bowling Green (up to three occasions).
  • Invitation-only play in the company of a Full Member.
  • Fixed annual fees.

Guest Members:

  • Members of another Bowls Club playing occasionally.
  • Limited representation (up to three occasions).
  • Captain maintains records.
  • Fixed annual fees.

Temporary Members:

  • Visitors to the Club.
  • Participants in “taster sessions” or Coaching sessions.
  • Signed into the Club Visitors Book.

Short Term Members:

  • Apply for short-term membership (up to 28 days).
  • Participation in Galas, Roll-ups, Coaching Sessions, and Friendly Fixtures (at the discretion of the Club Captain).
  • Excluded from specific competitions.
  • Fixed annual fees.

At Avenue Bowls Club, we strive to make everyone feel valued and welcome. Explore our membership options and join us on the green for a season filled with camaraderie and triumph.

For more details or to start your Avenue Bowls Club journey, visit join the avenue bowls page

Roll with Us. Embrace the Greens.