Welcome to our Club’s Leadership

Below are the roles that make up avenue bowls clubs leadership, if you are a member and are considering going forward for a role, or new to avenue bowls club and would like to know who is who within the club, the following will help you.

Committee Members

President – John Hughes

The President is the highest-ranking official in our club, providing leadership and guidance to ensure the club’s success.

Vice-President – Paul Chapman

The Vice-President supports the President and steps in when needed. They play a vital role in decision-making and club activities.

Hon. Secretary – John Briggs

The honorary Secretary is the central figure in the club’s administrative and organizational structure, ensuring effective communication, record-keeping, and overall operational efficiency.

Hon. Treasurer – Dawn Chapman

The role of a Club Treasurer involves managing the club’s financial affairs, including budgeting, record-keeping, and financial reporting. They oversee income and expenditures, maintain financial records, and work closely with other committee members to ensure the club’s financial stability and compliance with financial regulations. The Treasurer plays a critical role in making informed financial decisions that contribute to the overall success and sustainability of the club.

Club Captain – John Hughes

The Club Captain is a leadership role responsible for overseeing on-field activities, promoting team spirit, and representing the club during competitions. They often coordinate team selection, provide strategic guidance during matches, and foster a positive and inclusive team environment. The Club Captain serves as a liaison between players and the committee, contributing to the overall success and camaraderie of the club.

Club Vice CaptainVacant

The Vice Club Captain supports the Club Captain in their responsibilities, often assisting with team coordination, strategy development, and fostering team unity. They may step in for the Club Captain when needed and contribute to maintaining a positive and cohesive team environment.

Fixture Secretary – Dawn Chapman

The Fixture Secretary is responsible for organizing and managing the club’s match schedule and fixtures. They coordinate with other clubs to arrange matches, ensure logistical details are in place, and communicate schedules to team members. The Fixture Secretary plays a key role in facilitating a smooth and organized competition calendar for the club. 

Bar Manager – John Hughes

The Bar Manager oversees the operations of the club’s bar, including inventory management, staff supervision, and ensuring a welcoming atmosphere. They are responsible for maintaining a well-stocked and efficiently run bar, contributing to the social aspect of the club and potentially serving as a source of revenue.

Development Officer – Chris Poole

The Development Officer focuses on the growth and improvement of the club, implementing strategies to attract new members, enhance facilities, and foster community engagement. They play a pivotal role in expanding the club’s reach, promoting development initiatives, and ensuring a vibrant and sustainable future for the organization.

Competitions Secretary – Mark Smith

The Competition Secretary is responsible for managing the club’s participation in various competitions. This involves coordinating entry into tournaments, organizing team registrations, and ensuring compliance with competition rules. They play a key role in facilitating the club’s involvement in external events and fostering a competitive spirit among members.

Health and Safety Advisor– Dean Whyte

The Club Health and Safety Officer is responsible for ensuring a safe and secure environment within the club premises. They identify and mitigate potential hazards, implement safety protocols, and liaise with relevant authorities to comply with health and safety regulations. The officer plays a critical role in promoting the well-being and safety of club members and visitors.

Non-Committee Officers

Safeguarding Officer (Men & Ladies) – Mark Smith & Denise Mills

The Club Safeguarding Officer is responsible for ensuring the welfare and protection of club members, particularly vulnerable groups such as children and adults at risk. They implement and oversee safeguarding policies, conduct necessary checks, and provide guidance to create a safe and inclusive environment. This role is crucial in promoting a culture of safety, respect, and well-being within the club.

Press and Publicity Officer – Chris Poole

The Press and Publicity Officer is responsible for managing the club’s external communications and promoting its activities to the public. They handle media relations, create press releases, and manage the club’s presence on various platforms to enhance visibility and community engagement. The role contributes to building a positive public image and attracting interest in the club’s events and initiatives.