Match Report: National Top Club – Avenue Bowls Club vs. Welford Bowls Club

In a highly anticipated National Top Club clash, Avenue Bowls Club traveled to face Welford Bowls Club on a sunny Thursday afternoon. Both teams were eager to showcase their skills in what turned out to be a thrilling and hard-fought contest.

2Wood Singles
Aiden Maries (Avenue) vs. S Davies (Welford)
Final Score: 13-16

Aiden Maries fought valiantly in the 2wood singles, but Simon Davies of Welford edged ahead with a score of 16-13. Maries displayed excellent technique and determination but ultimately fell short by three points.

Adam Smith (Avenue) vs. D Box (Welford)
Final Score: 9-21

Adam Smith faced a tough opponent in D Box. Despite Smith’s best efforts, Box dominated the match, securing a commanding 21-9 victory for Welford.

Mark Smith & Derek Maries (Avenue) vs. A Prickett & W Blundle (Welford)
**Final Score: 17-20**

The pairs match was a closely contested battle. Mark Smith and Derek Maries played with great synergy and skill, but A Prickett and W Blundle managed to eke out a narrow 20-17 win, adding to Welford’s overall tally.

Karl Finch, Rob Maries, Luke Horne (Avenue) vs. A Francis, M Hawkins, D Green (Welford)
Final Score: 17-13

In the triples, Avenue’s team of K Finch, R Maries, and L Horne delivered an impressive performance, securing a vital win with a score of 17-13. Their teamwork and precision were key in overcoming the Welford trio.

Declan Maries, Chris Poole, Keith Mason, Mike Kelly, (Avenue) vs. D Green, L Rowlands, J Shelton, P Green (Welford)
Final Score: 22-15

The Avenue fours team, consisting of Declan, Chris, Keith, and Mike, showcased excellent coordination and strategy. They managed to secure a decisive 22-15 victory, bringing crucial points to Avenue’s overall score.

Overall Summary

Despite some strong individual performances, Avenue Bowls Club fell just short in the aggregate score, with Welford Bowls Club narrowly edging out the win:

Avenue: 78 (2 points)  
Welford: 85 (3 points)


The match at Welford Bowls Club was a display of excellent skill and sportsmanship from both teams. Avenue Bowls Club, despite the overall loss, can take pride in their strong performances in the triples and fours. As they look ahead to future contests, the team will aim to build on these strengths and come back even stronger.

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