Match Report: Coventry Six League – Avenue vs. Nuneaton Bowls Club

Date: Tuesday, 18th June 2024  
Venue: Avenue Bowls Club

The first game of the Coventry Six League saw Avenue Bowls Club take on Nuneaton Bowls Club in a thrilling encounter on a beautiful summer evening. The atmosphere was electric, with supporters from both sides eagerly anticipating a fierce competition. Avenue didn’t disappoint, delivering a clean sweep with a 10-0 victory, securing maximum points and setting a strong tone for the season.

Rink 1: Colin Thomas, Declan Maries, Keith Madson and Mike Kelly vs. P Harwood
Final Score: 19-17

Mike Kelly’s match against P Harwood was a rollercoaster of emotions, with both players showcasing top-tier bowling. Kelly’s rink started strong, but Harwood quickly caught up, making it a neck-and-neck battle. The crowd was on the edge of their seats as Kelly managed to secure a narrow 19-17 win in the final ends. His precision and calm under pressure were key to his victory, earning Avenue the first 2 points.

Rink 2: James Cooper, Geoff Moran, Aiden Maries and Derek Maries vs. S Ashby
Final Score: 16-15

Derek Maries faced S Ashby in a nail-biting encounter that kept everyone guessing until the last bowl. Maries displayed strategic brilliance, making every shot count. Ashby was a formidable opponent, but Maries edged him out with a tight 16-15 win. The thrilling finish had the crowd roaring in excitement, adding another 2 points to Avenue’s tally.

Rink 3: Rick Hayes, John Hughes, Chris Poole and Rob Maries vs. H Smith
Final Score: 21-13

Rob Maries took to the green with determination and focus, facing off against H Smith. Maries dominated from the start, using his experience and skill to outplay Smith. His commanding 21-13 victory was a testament to his excellent form and strategic acumen. This decisive win brought another 2 points to Avenue, completing the rink sweep.

Overall Summary

Avenue Bowls Club emerged victorious with an impressive 10-0 win, securing 2 points for each rink and an additional 4 points for the overall score. The aggregate score reflected Avenue’s dominance:

Avenue: 56 (10 points)  
Nuneaton: 45 (0 points)


The first game of the Coventry Six League at Avenue Bowls Club was a resounding success, with the team demonstrating excellent skill, strategy, and determination. The 10-0 victory against Nuneaton Bowls Club is a perfect start to the season, and the team looks forward to maintaining this momentum in future matches. Fans and players alike are buzzing with excitement and anticipation for what’s to come.

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