National Top Club: Avenue Bowls Club Triumphs Over Whitnash Bowls Club in a Thrilling Contest

In a captivating showdown at Whitnash, Avenue Bowls Club narrowly defeated Whitnash Bowls Club, securing a 3-2 victory in disciplines in the National Top Club competition. The match was a testament to the high skill level and competitive spirit of both teams, providing a thrilling experience for all spectators.

2 Wood Singles: I Billington vs. D Whyte

The event began with a strong performance from Whitnash’s I Billington in the 2W Singles. Billington demonstrated precision and consistency, scoring 16 shots and earning 1 point for his team. Despite a valiant effort, D Whyte from Avenue managed only 10 shots and failed to secure any points.

Singles: T Millership vs. A Smith

The momentum shifted in the Singles match, where Avenue’s A Smith delivered an outstanding performance. Smith dominated the game, scoring an impressive 22 shots and earning 1 point. Whitnash’s T Millership, despite his best efforts, scored 17 shots but could not earn any points.

Pairs: M Maguire & A Shuttleworth vs. J Cooper & R Maries

Avenue continued to build on their success in the Pairs discipline. The duo of J Cooper and R Maries showcased excellent teamwork and strategy, securing 16 shots and 1 point. Whitnash’s pair, M Maguire and A Shuttleworth, managed to score 12 shots but fell short in securing points.

Triples: J Loveridge, R Billington & H Billington vs. M Smith, D Maries & D Maries

The Triples match provided a resurgence for Whitnash, with the trio of J Loveridge, R Billington, and H Billington delivering a commendable performance. They scored 14 shots and earned 1 point, while Avenue’s team, comprising M Smith, D Maries, and D Maries, scored 11 shots without securing any points.

Fours: G Box, K Billington, S Shuttleworth & N Hancock vs. K Finch, K Mason, D Ellicott & L Horne

The final and deciding Fours discipline was a nail-biter. Avenue’s team of K Finch, K Mason, D Ellicott, and L Horne clinched the overall victory by scoring 16 shots and earning 1 point. Whitnash’s team, consisting of G Box, K Billington, S Shuttleworth, and N Hancock, put up a strong fight, scoring 15 shots but failing to earn points.

Final Result: Whitnash 2 – 3 Avenue

In conclusion, the match was a spectacular display of lawn bowls, with Avenue Bowls Club emerging victorious by the narrowest of margins. Both teams showcased exceptional skill and sportsmanship, making it a memorable event for everyone involved. Avenue’s ability to clinch crucial points in the Singles, Pairs, and Fours ultimately secured their triumph, advancing them further in the National Top Club competition.

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