Match Report: Avenue Bowls Club vs. Warwickshire County Council – Club Friendly (01-06-24)

On June 1, 2024, Avenue Bowls Club hosted Warwickshire County Council for an engaging Club Friendly match. The home team put on an impressive display across all rinks, securing a comprehensive victory.

John Harris vs. Ivor
John Harris set the tone for the day with a commanding performance, defeating Ivor 27-9. Harris’s precise shots and strategic play were key to his overwhelming victory.

John Hughes vs. Dot
John Hughes showcased his expertise on the green, overcoming Dot with a score of 20-10. Hughes’s consistent play ensured a solid win, contributing to Avenue’s overall success.

Phil Wadland vs. Martin 
Phil Wadland continued the winning streak with a decisive 24-13 victory against Martin. Wadland’s control and focus were evident throughout the match, highlighting his skill and determination.

Geoff Moran vs. Allan 
Geoff Moran engaged in a closer contest but ultimately emerged victorious, defeating Allan 21-16. Moran’s strategic approach and resilience were crucial in securing the win.

Stewart Aitken vs. Roger 
Stewart Aitken rounded off the day with a strong performance, beating Roger 17-10. Aitken’s consistency and tactical play sealed the comprehensive victory for Avenue Bowls Club.

Overall, Avenue Bowls Club delivered an outstanding team performance, winning all rinks and securing a dominant victory over Warwickshire County Council. The team’s combined effort and individual brilliance were on full display, marking a successful and enjoyable day on the green. πŸŒŸπŸŽ‰πŸ†

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