Match Report: Avenue Bowls Club vs Wellesbourne Bowls Club – Pickering League (29-05-24)

On May 29, 2024, Avenue Bowls Club faced off against Wellesbourne Bowls Club in the Pickering League. Avenue Bowls Club emerged triumphant, claiming victory in two out of the three rinks.

Bill Port vs. E. Carter
Bill Port exhibited exceptional form, dominating E. Carter with a commanding score of 22-10. Port’s outstanding performance set a positive tone for Avenue Bowls Club, establishing an early lead.

John Harris vs. W. Piper
John Harris engaged in a closely fought battle against W. Piper. Despite Harris’s determined effort, Piper managed to secure a narrow win with a final score of 15-12, earning Wellesbourne their lone victory of the day.

John Hughes vs. D. Burrows
John Hughes delivered a commendable display against D. Burrows. Hughes’s consistent and strategic play led him to a well-earned 21-16 victory, further solidifying Avenue’s overall triumph.

In summary, Avenue Bowls Club’s solid performances across the rinks ensured a well-deserved win over Wellesbourne Bowls Club. The team’s collective efforts and individual skills were on full display, contributing to their success in the Pickering League match.

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