Match Report: Avenue B Team vs Royal Leamington Spa – National Double Rink

Avenue B Team secured a notable victory against Royal Leamington Spa in the National Double Rink competition, advancing to the next round after an impressive performance on the rinks.

Luke vs. Jerry Horne
Luke delivered a commanding performance against Jerry Horne, controlling the match with strategic precision. His consistent play and tactical acumen led to a decisive 19-10 win, establishing a strong foundation for Avenue B Team.

Adam vs. John Bentien
Adam faced a closely contested battle against John Bentien. In a nail-biting finish, Adam’s resilience and determination saw him edge out Bentien with a narrow 17-16 victory. This crucial win sealed the overall triumph for Avenue B Team.

The combined efforts of both Luke and Adam resulted in a well-deserved win for Avenue B Team, allowing them to progress to the next round of the National Double Rink competition. Their exceptional performances highlighted the team’s strength and commitment, marking a significant achievement in their campaign.

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