Match Report: Avenue Bowls Club A Team vs Welford Bowls Club – Bowls England National Double Rink (31-05-24)

On May 31, 2024, Avenue Bowls Club A Team traveled to Welford for a crucial knockout match in the Bowls England National Double Rink competition. The encounter was intensely competitive, with both rinks showcasing exceptional talent.

D. Box vs. John Hughes 
D. Box delivered a strong performance against John Hughes. Box’s strategic precision and consistent play resulted in a 16-12 victory for Welford, giving them an early edge in the competition.

M. Hawkins vs. Mike Kelly
M. Hawkins faced a formidable opponent in Mike Kelly. In a thrilling contest, Kelly’s tenacity and skill allowed him to narrowly defeat Hawkins with a score of 21-19. This hard-fought win for Avenue Bowls Club ensured they stayed in contention.

The combined scores resulted in a tight overall match, but Welford Bowls Club managed to secure an aggregate victory. Despite Avenue Bowls Club A Team’s valiant efforts, Welford’s slight edge in the overall points saw them progress to the next round of the knockout competition. The match was a testament to the high level of competition and sportsmanship displayed by both clubs.

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