Kineton and District League Match Report: Southam BC vs. Avenue BC

In the opening away fixture of the Kineton and District League, Avenues bowlers faced off against Southam BC in a riveting display of skill and strategy. The green at Southam BC witnessed a clash of titans as both teams vied for supremacy.

The match unfolded with fervor as each rink battled fiercely for dominance. Stuart, representing Southam BC, showcased his prowess by securing a commanding victory on the home turf against R. Hayes of Avenue BC. With a resolute performance, Stuart triumphed with a scoreline of 24-11, earning Southam BC a vital two points.

However, Southam continued to dominate avenue with a stellar display from Ted, who demonstrated exceptional precision and finesse on the green. Ted’s consistent play propelled his rink to a decisive win over J. Hughes of Avenue BC, with a final score of 17-7. This victory not only bolstered Southams morale but also secured another two points for the home team.

The tension reached its peak as the third rink unfolded, with Jerry representing Southam BC and G. Moran standing firm for Avenue BC. In a fiercely contested battle, G. Moran showcased remarkable tenacity and skill, clinching a hard-fought victory with a scoreline of 15-9. This crucial win granted Avenue two points in the match.

As the dust settled and the scores were tallied, Southam emerged triumphant with two rinks secured and a commendable performance overall. Despite Avenues BC’s valiant efforts, Southam’s determination proved insurmountable on this occasion.

Southam claimed victory not only through rink wins but also by securing the most shots overall. This achievement earned them two bonus points, further enhancing the early lead in the league standings.

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